Zephyr Books (since 1998)

Comment Designs has been supporting Zephyr Books for over 20 years.  When we first began working with Zephyr Books, we simply provided them with a single-page “billboard” style site that directed visitors to their brick and mortar store.  As their needs evolved, we provided a perl script based solution to list their inventory online for browsing, updated them to a Joomla-based CMS, and, when they were ready to sell their inventory online and start managing their own content, we provided them with WordPress blog integrated with a Magento catalog. Their Magento-based catalog now contains around five thousand items, and site-based sales continue to grow year-over-year.  We continue to provide hosting, inventory management support, SEO, google advertising support, social networking support, and general technical support for Zephyr Books.

Kansas City Farmers’ Markets (since 2015)

Comment Designs has been supporting Kansas City Farmers’ Markets since they were established in 2015, when we registered their domain, began providing hosting, and implemented their WordPress site.  We continue to provide registration, hosting, and WordPress customization support for Kansas City Farmers’ Markets.

Locally Sourced Meats (since 2016)

Comment Designs has been supporting Locally Sourced Meats since they opened their brick and mortar storefront, when we implemented their WordPress sight and began providing hosting.  We continue to provide hosting, WordPress support, and e-commerce support for Locally Sourced Meats.

Call on Music (since 2017)

Comment Designs has been supporting Call on Music ever since they became a dream in the eye of the founder. We provided support with domain registration and implemented their WordPress site, including theme selection, theme customization and plugin selection. We continue to provide domain registration and wordpress hosting as the founder keeps working on the foundation that will allow this non-profit to thrive.

Black Kettle Coffee (2012-2016)

Comment Designs began supporting Black Kettle Coffee in 2012 when the business was first conceived.  We provided a budget-friendly Magento implementation with a default theme and continued to provide registration, hosting and Magento support through the company’s dissolution in 2016.

Brookside Farmers’ Market (2012-2016)

Comment Designs began supporting Brookside Farmers’ Market in 2012 when the market decided to update their site to provide enhanced usability and accessibility.  We helped the market select and customize plugins and an existing theme, and provided WordPress training and support for Brookside Farmers’ Market managers and organizers.

Western Wildflower (2012-2015)

Comment Designs began supporting Western Wildflower’s blog owner when they began blogging in 2012.  We provided them with a plug in suite, a simple custom theme and provided maintenance and support with theme updates.

Grown In Ivanhoe (2014-2016)

Comment Designs began supporting Grown In Ivanhoe in 2014 when our founder decided to moonlight as a farmers’ market manager.  To support marketing efforts of the grant-based Grown In Ivanhoe program that was supporting the recently-established Ivanhoe Farmers’ Market, Comment Designs registered a domain, established a social networking presence for the market (Facebook, Twitter and G+), assisted in selection and customization of an existing theme and appropriate plugins, transferred and updated posts and images from a wordpress subdomain site to the new domain, and set up Mailchimp templates for customer and vendor newsletters and continued to provide domain registration, hosting, and WordPress support to Grown in Ivanhoe.

Your Neighborhood Market KC (2013-2015)

Comment Designs began supporting Your Neighborhood Market KC in 2013 when the newly-formed group first established their web presence.  We worked with the member markets to design a wordpress-based site that would allow market organizers and managers to update their own market information and post blog entries about their markets.  We continued to support Your Neighborhood Market through their dissolution in 2015.