Moving from VPS to Cloud-based VM

We recently learned that one of our clients plans to make some large increases to published inventory, with ramp-up beginning in just a few months.  This client is currently hosted on a managed VPS instance to help ensure the processing  needs of their Magento system don’t interfere with the needs of clients who use sharedRead More

Google sunsetting Adsense plugin support

Many WordPress customers use the official Google Adsense plugin to display revenue-producing advertisements on their blog.  Google has provided an add-on that integrates with WordPress, making it easy to display ads throughout your site without doing any programming. Google is sunsetting support for their official plugin, so Adsense users who generate revenue from WordPress sites willRead More

Google Merchant Feed – Secret Rejection Policies Offer an Important Lesson to Programmers

If you are not yet familiar with Google’s suite of promotional products, the Merchant Center is the merchant’s product data management portal.  Once product data exists in the Merchant Center, we can set up a campaign in Google Adwords that will display items in the Google “Shopping” tab. Google uses a variety of rules to ensureRead More